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Data Governance Manager

Job Description

Data Governance Officer to provide support to Data Governance Manager when working closely with Business Areas and wider Data Teams. 

  • Support to Data Governance Manager when working closely with Business Areas and wider Data Teams
  • Assist in improving the quality and managing the protection of sensitive data and information assets
  • Assist in the delivery of organisation-wide Data Governance activities
  • Support the development of Data Risk criteria & processes for onboarding and closing of GDPR risk
  • Support development of education and guidance material to maintain a standard of UK GDPR compliance across the department.
  • Assist in the capture of indicators of Data Governance performance and quality metrics to ensure and maintain compliance with data related policies, standards, roles and responsibilities.
  • Supporting the Secretariat to senior boards by maintaining the GDPR dashboard, strategic risk and flight path documents for the Data Protection Governance Board.
  • Support the production of quality communication products including progress reports to Senior Managers, the Chief Data Officer and the Head of the Data Governance Team.
  • Support the delivery of culture change across the Department to ensure compliance with UKGDPR.
  • Support maintenance of a variety of inventories.

You’ll have relevant experience in:
  • Demonstrable record of collaborative working, stakeholder interactions and relationship building based on mutual respect and trust. The ability to communicate effectively and confidently with stakeholders at all levels to understand and meet customer requirements.
  • Effective oral and written communicator and can produced communications and publicity material to help inform and gain ‘Buy in’ across a large scale diverse organisation on the Data Governance Strategy.
  • Deliver roadshows, attend meetings and market the department as ‘Data Centric’, focused on treating Data as an asset to benefit citizens. This must include high quality written skills, the ability to present complex, highly detailed information in a clear, structured way in Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
  • Plans, organises and manages times and activities effectively to deliver high quality performance.
  • Sound and confident decision making ability in an environment with wide ranging scope and where there is sometimes limited guidance and a need to make decisions at pace.
  • An understanding of the data sharing components of UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, including the application of Lawful Basis and Legal Gateways, and the drafting of Data Sharing Agreements / Memoranda of Understandings.