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Delivery Manager

Job Description

Delivery Manager needed to join a large Central Government department who will be accountable for the delivery of either products and/ or services. The delivery manager will be accountable for the performance of the team. Skills required: Agile and Lean practices. You know about and can lead on a range of Agile and Lean tools and techniques, with an ability to coach within and outside of your team. You can represent and be an advocate for these tools and techniques. You are innovative and ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest trends. You can establish a feedback loop for teams; you can take responsibility for the translation and measurement of value (what you put in and what you will get out) and ensure this relates to practical government objectives and the user needs. Commercial management. You can support effective budget management within the constraints of the project. You know how to monitor projected budgets against expenditure. Communication skills. You know how to communicate effectively across organisational, technical and political boundaries, understanding the context. You can advocate and communicate what a team does to create trust and authenticity. You know how to successfully react and respond to challenge. Financial management. You can support effective budget management within the constraints of the project. You know how to monitor projected budgets against expenditure. Life-cycle perspective. You understand the different phases of product delivery and can contribute to, plan or run these. You can maintain a product or process through the delivery phases, into live and then into retirement. You know how to lead a team through the different phases of the delivery product life cycle. You can maintain and iterate a product over time to continuously meet user needs. You understand incident management and service support so that products are built effectively. Maintaining delivery momentum. You can solve issues and unblock problems. You know how to drive team and set the pace, ensuring teams are working towards delivery commitments. You can engage in elements of risk management such as effectively managing and tracking the mitigation of risks. You can manage various dependencies across teams, departments and government as a whole. Making the process work. You focus on the outcome. You can challenge and improve disproportionate organisational processes where it impacts the pace of the team. You can identify what works best for the team and when to utilise certain processes. You understand that all steps in a process must add value. You can influence and make positive changes to the organisation. Planning. You can take a consistent and ongoing approach to planning, forecasting, estimating, managing uncertainty, metrics and measurements, contingency planning and roadmapping. You know how to communicate plans, planning assumptions and progress to a range of stakeholders. You can maintain the cadence of delivery and manage the relationships between different people within and across teams. Team dynamics and collaboration. You know how to build successful delivery teams. You understand team styles and how people work together. You can maintain, influence and motivate a team. You can give and receive feedback, facilitating the feedback loop.