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Digital DevOps (Data)

Job Description

Join a high profile Government department to support a team of software engineers with DevOps practices.

Your role:

  • Support all aspects of the software development lifecycle, applying DevOps principles and to lead on developing, implementing, enhancing, and managing DevOps practices following agreed processes and best practices.

  • Applying industry best practices and patterns across infrastructure and application components e.g., availability, security, performance, and scalability.

  • Leading on the design, release and implementation of automated, repeatable, efficient delivery pipelines and holds responsibility for the management, delivery, and improvements of the deployments onto Production.

  • Lead delivery, integration, administration, and configuration of DevOps tools, seeking continual improvement and ensuring effective transition onto operational support (where applicable). This includes tools for source control, build, CI & CD support, code reviews, security scans, test automation, monitoring and agile management etc.

  • Implementing and configuring DevOps specific monitoring, alerting, auditing and notification strategies and be an advocate for security and performance standards in the organisation

  • Identifying, tracking and support managing of DevOps specific risks and issues in adherence to established reporting standards.

  • Contributing to technical decisions and directions in a collaborative team environment, including solution architecture, estimations, product planning, user stories (requirement) creation.

  • Attending Team and Agile Scrum meetings.

  • Sharing knowledge and expertise and providing mentorship and training to other members of the team, enabling them to work in an automated, repeatable fashion.

  • Promoting and encouraging the use of test automation and infrastructure-as-code within delivery teams.

Technical Skills: 

  • Azure DevOps Repos, YAML Pipelines

  • Git

  • Terraform

  • Azure

  • Deploying applications via pipelines

  • Automation of/within Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Database and/or Azure DataBricks

  • Pipeline automation of database updates e.g. via Visual Studio Database Projects and/or other solutions


  • Azure AppService and/or Azure API Management

  • Azure Service Bus, Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps

  • Docker

  • Python

  • Shift left strategy: security scans, code analysis, monitoring

  • Knowledge of build/deploy of Node/next.js (React framework), .Net Projects