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Lead Python Developer

Job Description

We are looking for a Python Developer to join a development team to help develop and maintain various Python Django and Flask projects. You will have good communicational skills, able to write clean and testable code and interpret non-technical requirements into technical specification.

As a Python developer, you’ll be working on building and shaping new projects, migrating old projects from different techstacks such as WP into Django and working closely with product owners.


  • Write efficient and scalable code 

  • Develop Restful API’s using Django or Flask

  • Test driven development concepts 

  • Coordinate with product owners and translate non-technical requirements into design and implementation. 

  • Test and Debug errors. 

Techstack Languages:

  • Python (2, 3), JavaScript  


  • Django or Flask

  • Django Rest Framework

  • Django ORM

  • Pytest 


  • Docker, Kubernetes 


  • PostgreSQL, NoSQL

  • AWS experience, Azure 

  • Familiarity with frontend technologies such as React or Vue is bonus