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Senior Data Scientist

Job Description

Senior Data Scientist to work in an agile team, technical experience with GIT, SQL, AWS and AZURE required.

Your skills and experience: 

Understands and can help teams apply a range of techniques for data profiling and source system analysis from a complex single source. Able to bring multiple data sources together in a conformed model for analysis.

Turns complex data into compelling, clear and actionable stories. Shares data communication skills with the team and across government. Presents analysis and visualisations in clear ways to communicate complex messages. Is able to communicate negative and positive information to stakeholders. Able to give tactical and strategic recommendations.

Encourage, recognise and share innovative ideas from a diverse range of colleagues and stakeholders. Give people space to take initiative and praise them for their creativity. Create an environment where people feel safe to challenge and know their voice will be heard. Make changes which add value and clearly articulate how changes will benefit the business. Understand and identify the role of technology in public service delivery and policy implementation. Consider the full impact of implementing changes on culture, structure, morale and the impacts on the diverse range of end users, including accessibility needs. Identify early signs that things are going wrong and respond promptly. Provide constructive challenge to senior management on change proposals.

Develop and maintain an understanding of economic, social, political, environmental and technological developments to ensure activity is relevant. Ensure plans and activities in your area of work reflect wider strategic priorities and communicate effectively with senior leaders to influence future strategies. Adopt a government-wide perspective to ensure alignment of activity and policy. Bring together views, perspectives and diverse needs of stakeholders to gain a broader understanding of the issues surrounding policies and activities.