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Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Job Description

We're looking for an experienced Senior Site Reliability Engineer to join an important Central Government department. 

Your skills: 

  • Experienced with UNIX-like operating systems and technologies used for web applications, e.g Linux, databases, backups, CDNs

  • Experienced with AWS and the use of Cloud Foundry, BOSH and Concourse

  • Experienced with Infrastructure as Code such as Terraform, Ansible or CloudFormation

  • Experienced with Go

  • Can demonstrate a working familiarity with at least one other programming language such as Ruby, Javascript, Python

  • Understand software design principles

  • Take a systematic approach to solving problems

  • Use automated testing to validate solutions

  • Understand agile environments and version control

  • Familiar with web security

  • Understand network protocols, eg HTTPS, TLS etc

  • Familiarity with working practices such as test driven development, continuous integration and continuous delivery