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Senior Software Engineer

Job Description

We're hiring a Senior Software Engineer for a Central Government project.

You'll need:

• Familiarity with native Android application development

• Familiar with WorkspaceONE/AirWatch

• Familiar with Certificate Based Authentication

• Familiar with integration with ADFS for SAML IdP.

• Must be able to develop native iOS mobile applications using Swift

• Must be able to develop REST APIs using NodeJS

• Must be able to develop using test driven development

• Must be able to develop against an API first architecture

• Use strict content security policies and guard against common OWASP attacks. ]

• Must be able to use Git

• Able to lead and mentor both front-end and back-end developers

• Must be familiar with developing native iOS applications

• Familiar with using XCode 13.0

• Familiar with Swift 5.5 to support the development of iOS application or iOS 15+

• Familiar with setting up and configuring a CI/CD pipeline such as GitLab

• Familiar with consuming REST APIs

• Experience with consuming AppConfig (Managed Application Configuration)

• Familiar with the packaging and delivery of applications using the Apple Custom App store

• Familiar with tools such as Fast Lane and Test Flight to deliver apps