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Technical Author

Job Description

As a technical author, you'll assess the nature of the product or service and the target audience and gather the information required. 

You will:

  • Actively participate in planning and briefing meetings

  • Gather and analyse the information needs of the user from the researcher

  • Gather and analyse the information needs of the core content from the researcher

  • Collaborate with technical staff, project technical authority, lead technical reviewer and project manage-ment staff to clarify any technical /content issues

  • Work within the current existing review process / chain effectively

  • in terms of presenting the information

  • Organise information according to the target audience’s needs

  • Write and edit text

  • Commission, coordinate or prepare illustrations

  • Use a variety of software applications to present the information

  • Index and catalogue material in accordance with the authority’s knowledge

  • management processes.

Related responsibilities may involve:

  • Working on and servicing multiple projects simultaneously

  • Creating own work schedules, to ensure the successful candidate interacting with, and advise, research projects, Leads and managers about feasibility, amount of effort, output size, timescales and pro-posed deadlines associated with outputs.

  • Experienced technical authors can be involved in work at a strategic level (involvement in decisions about what output is best suited for particular deliverables and documents and shaping the sets of out-puts) and with the planning needed to manage content throughout its entire lifecycle.

  • Sharing best practice, guidance materials with researchers to mentor and improve their authorship skills