Making a great video interview

Creating a video interview is a fantastic way to stand out from other candidates applying for your preferred job. It’s your opportunity to talk about your experience in more detail, showcase your achievements and give context to information on your CV.

You won’t be on camera alone, you’ll be chatting to one of our friendly consultants who will coach you before recording your video.

Getting ready

Your recruitment agent will arrange a date and time with you and send you a list of questions to read through and prepare answers to.


On the day, you will receive a link to access the video platform ‘Hinterview’, just copy and paste into a web browser.

If you’re using iPhone or Android please make sure all other apps are closed. Hinterview relies on a good internet connection, so if you’re experiencing weak WiFi please switch to 4G/5G.

If you are accessing Hinterview on a laptop, ensure all other apps that could be trying to access your camera or microphone are closed.

Make sure you have a working camera and mic – you can test both of these by Googling ‘free mic test and webcam test’.

Top Tips

  • Find a quiet place without any interruptions

  • Make sure the background is clean and uncluttered

  • Utilise good lighting

  • Dress appropriately, it’s like a first stage interview

  • Make eye contact with the camera

  • Try not to look at your notes, it should be a natural conversation

  • Remember to smile and be enthusiastic