Remote Hiring Solutions Guide

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a huge impact on all areas of our lives, including work. Many companies are shifting to remote working, utilising technology to communicate and online platforms to continue business as usual.

This guide will help you with remote hiring solutions so you can continue to engage, recruit and onboard with ease and confidence.

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This guide includes information on:

  • How to create candidate engagement 

  • How to create a compelling job description

  • Internal set up for video interviews

  • How to conduct effective video interviews with candidates

  • How to onboard new employees remotely

  • Platforms and resources

Office Social Distancing

Achieving Diversity in Your Hiring Process

Diverse businesses are proven to be more productive and have substantially lower staff turnover, not to mention providing employees with a more inclusive and positive work environment.


So it’s important that you have a process in place that is supporting diversity in your hiring process. Your recruitment strategy and tools should all be optimised to help you create a diverse and equal workplace.


To help you achieve your goals, we’ve created a short whitepaper.

The report includes information on:

  • Diversity statistics on the UK Digital and Tech sectors

  • Gender equality

  • Race & ethnicity

  • Age

  • Brexit & population migration

  • Improving your company culture

  • How to optimise your hiring strategy for diversity

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