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Remote hiring solutions

How to remote hire

It’s a difficult time but we’re here to help. 


Our services have always been configured to make remote recruiting easier. Now, more than ever, we are utilising tech-focused solutions to support your hiring in 3 simple steps…

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1. Engage Candidates

How do you communicate your culture and create engagement without meeting face to face?

  • Targeted job role advertising

  • Engaging interactive job specs

  • Content marketing and social media

  • Diversity optimisation

2. Video Interviews

Our video platform is online and can be accessed anywhere in the world.  It allows you to work remotely and minimises risk.

  • We interview candidates, asking your questions

  • You watch video interview profiles online

  • Share with multiple colleagues or stakeholders

  • Shortlist, reject and feedback in just a few clicks

3. Remote Assessments

Gain valuable insight into individual’s workplace behaviours, motivators and emotional intelligence

  • Candidates complete online assessments

  • Understand behaviours, learning styles and skills

  • Get detailed data and insight reports and feedback

  • Tailor your remote onboarding based on needs


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