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You might not be able to have everyone in the office just yet, but we'll help you keep moving forward. 


Our services have always been configured to make remote recruiting easier and faster. Now, more than ever, we are utilising tech-focused solutions to support your hiring strategy in 3 simple steps…

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1. Engage Candidates

How do you communicate your culture and create engagement without meeting face to face?

  • Targeted job role advertising

  • Engaging interactive job specs

  • Content marketing and social media

  • Diversity optimised processes

2. Video Interviews

Our video platform is online and can be accessed anywhere in the world.  It allows you to work remotely and minimises risk.

  • We interview candidates, asking your questions

  • You watch video interview profiles online

  • Share with multiple colleagues or stakeholders

  • Shortlist, reject and feedback in just a few clicks

3. Remote Assessments

Gain valuable insight into individual’s workplace behaviours, motivators and emotional intelligence

  • Candidates complete easy online assessments

  • Understand skills, motivators and learning styles

  • Tailor your remote onboarding to reduce turnover

  • Identify leaders and support diversity strategies

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