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Data Analyst

A data analyst collects, organises and studies data to provide business insight. This includes; applying tools and techniques for data analysis and data visualisation, the management, cleaning and aggregation of data, analytical studies and pattern identification.

Data Engineer

A data engineer develops and constructs data products and services and integrates them into systems and business processes. You'll need skills including communicating complex and technical information, data engineering, analysis and synthesis, data development processes, data integration design, data innovation and modelling, metadata management and problem resolution.

Data Scientist

​A Data Scientist uses data to identify and solve complex business problems. They have an interdisciplinary focus, using techniques and knowledge from a range of scientific and computer science disciplines (for example, statistics, analytics, machine learning). A Data scientist is open and transparent, collaborating with others to share good practice and continuously improve outputs.

Performance Analyst

A performance analyst conducts analysis. In this role, you will develop performance measurement frameworks - key performance indicators (KPIs), goals, user needs and benefits - and analyse the performance of a service or product against these, adapting your approach and framework appropriately and in line with any changes.

Jobs in Data

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Data Analyst
Andover£500 / day

We're hiring a Data Analyst for a Central Government department. They actively work to ensure a good ‘work life balance’ for everyone in the team, monitoring, and prioritising workloads and spreadi...

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Portfolio Analyst
Cardiff£590 / day

We're hiring a Portfolio Analyst to focus on providing insight that strengthens portfolio governance and enables prioritisation, decisions and effective allocation of resources. You'll help ensure ...

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Performance Analyst
£500/ day

We're hiring a Performance Analyst who has strong experience working within UCD programmes and strong capability within User Behaviour. This role is remote working, Inside IR35 and will be working ...

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Digital Performance Analyst
Glasgow£550 / day

Digital Performance Analyst required with extensive experience working in a quantitative analysis domain, applying numerate skills and using analysis tools to work with data and derive insight.  Yo...

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