Social Value

At Hanover we are committed to improving social value to benefit local communities. We achieve this through diverse and inclusive recruitment practices, implementing training and development initiatives to create long-term learning and future growth opportunities and through local government events, supporting local charities and working with local, sustainable, and environmentally ethical suppliers.

We maintain an extensive database containing the location and possible work radius of all DDaT categories within our community of consultants. We continually build, clean and maintain our data through our unique configuration and deployment of cutting-edge recruitment automation technology and AI.


  • Recruit via geographic targeted campaigns, to support and grow local employment.

  • Where possible, hire passionate professionals from the surrounding community who understand project benefits with the drive to achieve a common vision.

  • Professionals to act as ambassadors, positively promoting project goals through their own community interactions.

  • Encourage continual community feedback to optimise employment opportunities.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

  • Committed to supporting the principle of equal opportunities and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination.

  • Conduct monitoring to ensure processes are fair, equitable and accessible, and to identify any significant under-representation.

  • Implement diverse, multi-channel advertising, non-gender specific advert and job description languages.

  • Promotion of inclusive and equality-focused culture and all associated diversity policies.

  • Anonymised profiles to remove name and location bias.

  • Use of AI skill matching technologies and assessments that focus solely on skill comparison to remove unconscious bias.

  • Encourage continual feedback to strengthen these practices.

  • Produce Whitepapers on hiring processes for Diversity and Inclusion Optimisation.

  • Ensure employees are kept up to date with industry diversity issues and new techniques to tackle these.

Training & Development

  • Implement training and professional development programs, tailored to individual, team or community needs.

  • Implement ‘upskill’, ‘cross-skill’ and ‘knowledge transfer’ initiatives so that individuals can learn from colleagues, contractors, and managers, thus creating long-term learning and future growth opportunities.

  • Organise local learning events that will benefit community improvement. Previous events include Staffordshire County Council ‘IoT Meetup on Smart Cities and Sustainability’ and the ‘Social Value in Government’ webinar.

Giving back

  • Identify and support local charities, donation schemes and volunteering initiatives.

  • Previous initiatives include volunteering for Help The Aged computer skills workshops, collections and donations to Kingston Food Bank and Clock Tower Sanctuary homelessness campaigns.

  • Our employees are part of the University of Brighton Momentum Mentoring programme. It pairs students from minority or under-represented groups, LGBTQ students and those struggling with mental health and wellbeing issues with a mentor to help build confidence and life skills.

Environment & Sustainability

  • Continually improve our environmental performance.

  • Comply with environmental legislation.

  • Educate and train employees to enable them to work within sustainability frameworks.

  • Champion a paperless construct, with all processes being completed digitally and online.

  • Reduce the need for travel, or utilise public transport.

  • Sourcing of any goods or services is checked against our ethical and sustainable supplier policy.

  • Procuring goods and services locally where possible.

  • All objectives are monitored and scored by Operations Director.