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10 Questions To Ask in a Job Interview

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author:by James Burdis

Job interviews should be a conversation, not just an opportunity for a potential employer to grill you! Being enthusiastic and asking appropriate questions makes you stand out and can help you make a more informed decision about whether the job is going to be right for you.

Whether you ask questions throughout the interview as the opportunity naturally arises or at the end, make sure you bear in mind our top questions to ask in a job interview.

Do however make sure you do your research first. You should be prepared for the interview anyway but you don’t want to ask a question that you should already know from a quick visit to the employer’s website or a Google search.

Here’s our top 10 questions that you should ask your interviewer…

1. Can you describe a typical day for someone in this position?

2. What could I expect in terms of development and support?

3. What aspirations do you have for this role at the company?

4. Where will the job fit into the team/company structure?

5. How is success in this job measured?

6. What do you think are the biggest challenges for the person in this role and for the organisation as a whole?

7. How would you describe the company culture and management style?

8. What are the company’s plans for the future?

9. What do you most enjoy about working here?

10. What happens next in the process?

Each answer to the questions above should give you a better insight into the role and the company you could be working for. By finishing off on the ‘next steps’ question you can round off the interview by showing you are definitely interested in the position and hopefully their answer will give you a clue as to how the interview has gone.

Good luck!

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