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How To Improve Your Remote Hiring Process

  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago
  • Author:by James Burdis

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a huge impact on all areas of our lives, including work. Many companies are shifting to remote working, utilising technology to communicate and online platforms to continue business as usual.

In order to support your current employees, you're embracing change. Let's extend this positive attitude to hiring and onboarding your new employees.

1. Candidate Engagement

It's unfortunate that some companies have been forced to make redundancies. However, this means the market is now seeing a surge in highly skilled candidates that you might not have been able to access before, so it's a great time to engage them.

While some industries have seen a downturn, others are seeing increased demand and are ready to hire. If you're hiring, it's likely your industry competitors are hiring too.

The right engagement means you don't miss out on the best talent.

A CareerBuilder survey found that 80% of candidates use the quality of the hiring process to determine how a company will treat its employees.

Engaging candidates remotely doesn't need to be difficult. Think about your own positive recruitment experiences, the type of people you want to attract and how they would like to be approached. 66% of candidates believe interactions with employees are the best way to get insight about a company and engaged candidates can be 'off the market' within 10 days.

How to improve candidate engagement remotely:

  • Think about positive interaction styles

  • Build up your employee brand and online presence

  • Create an engaging pre-selection process

  • Regular communication is key

  • Utilise different channels (Video/Social/Text)

  • What can you make interactive?

  • Consider using a chatbot

  • Can you make your job descriptions more exciting?

  • Showcase culture with employee testimonials

  • Outline a robust hiring timeline

  • Send reassuring confirmation emails

  • Provide feedback between touchpoints

  • Ask for feedback on your process

A compelling job description is very effective for increasing candidate engagement. Here's how to make yours stand out:

  • Mission & Values

  • Benefits

  • Company culture

  • Role information

  • Role requirements

  • Your awards

  • Links to your website & social media

  • Recent press & project info

  • Images & video

2. Video Interviews

Video software is now crucial for remote workers to communicate and it makes a great addition to your remote hiring purposes. It's an excellent way to meet and interview potential employees and far more engaging than a phone interview.

These are some of the most popular video platforms that you could use for interviews:

Benefits of video interviews include being able to invite multiple colleagues to interviews or sharing recordings for feedback, you get more context and detail on candidate skills and experience and you can see their personality, communication style and read their body language.

Follow the below checklists for a great video interview experience...

Internal set up:

  • Outline questions tailored to each candidate

  • Prepare information about company culture

  • Anticipate common questions from candidates

  • Find a quiet place to conduct the interview

  • Invite relevant colleagues

  • Make video software and logins available

  • Look at ways of recording the interview

  • Define a clear follow up and onboarding process

For the candidate:

  • Schedule a time and date

  • Detail the video platform information

  • Include any logins/passwords required

  • Include a link to a demo of the video platform

  • If more than one interviewer, list of any other interview attendees

  • Detail the structure of the interview

  • Ask permission to record the interview

  • Outline what happens after the interview

3. Remote Onboarding

According to Glassdoor, great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%!

For companies that haven't had remote employees, the concept of shifting to a completely remote onboarding process can feel intimidating. However, there's a variety of online tools available that enable you to create a smooth process, including 'pre-onboarding' options to help put new employees at ease.

Before they start:

  • Send a welcome email a week or two before their start date

  • Get your paperwork completed with electronic documents and signatures

  • Define the process so new employees know what to expect on Day 1

  • Provide access to FAQs to answer common queries & assign a point of contact, mentor or 'buddy' for when they start

Review your onboarding process and make improvements including:

Platforms & Tech:

  • Map a generic onboarding process flow to highlight areas for improvements and identify needs

  • Set up online systems and associated logins so anyone can work anywhere


  • Create a personalised onboarding process for each new employee, based on their role and individual needs

  • Communicate the benefits and culture

  • Set out a plan for development, e-learning and where possible assign a mento


  • Set up regular one to one contact with their line manager and video introductions to team members

  • Set dates and times for regular check-ins and ask for feedback on the process

Expectations & Management

  • Outline expectations in regard to the role and behaviours

  • Help them structure their day and activities

  • Support them in managing mental health and well-being

Useful Resources

Team Collaboration Platforms:


Microsoft Teams


Rocket Chat



Video Software:

Blue Jeans


Skype for Business

Go To Meeting

Google Hangouts

Onboarding Platforms:







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