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Content designer

Content designers make things easier for people to understand and use. This can involve working on a single piece of content or on the end-to-end journey of a service to help users complete their goal. This could include the creation of, or change to, a transaction, product or single piece of content that stretches across digital and offline channels.

Interaction designer

An interaction designer works out the best way to let users interact with services, in terms of both overall flow and at the level of individual design elements. You understand how the digital economy is changing user behaviour and can make informed decisions based on user needs and visualise, articulate and solve complex problems and concepts.

Service designer

Service designers design the end-to-end journey of a service. This helps a user complete their goal. Your work may involve the creation of, or change to, transactions, products and content. Your skills include agile methodologies, rapid delivery, strong communication, understanding of user needs, prototyping, risk mitigation, user journey and context-based design.

Technical writer

A technical writer takes a user-centred approach to making complicated technical concepts easier to understand for a specialist audience. You focus on specialist content and software documentation, and write for technologists such as developers, technical architects, and technology leaders.

User researcher

User researchers plan, design and carry out research activities with users that help teams get a deep understanding of the people that use their services. This research informs policy, proposition, service, content and interaction design so that services work well for users and achieve goals.