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Content Designer

Job Description

We're hiring a Content Designer for a large Central Government department project. You need to have previous Central Government experience and be comfortable working to GDS Service Standards.


Agile working (content design). You are aware of and understand agile methodology and can apply an agile mindset to your work. You can work in a fast-paced, evolving environment and use an iterative and flexible approach to enable rapid delivery. You are unafraid to take risks, willing to learn from mistakes and appreciate the importance of agile project delivery to digital projects in government. 

Content concepts and prototyping. You understand different prototyping techniques, from paper sketches to coded prototypes and can use them to visualise content in context. You can choose the best option to make content understandable to different audiences and to demonstrate a proposed approach to content changes or improvements. You can show the value of prototyping to the team. 

User focus. You can identify tasks that will provide insights into a problem. You can formulate hypotheses, gain insights from data and user research and make decisions on findings. You understand the range of different users who might access content and services and can identify their needs based on evidence. You can translate user stories into content that meets users’ needs and propose suitable design approaches. You can use quantitative and qualitative data about users to turn user insights into outcomes. 

User-centred content design. You design content to meet user needs and make complex language and processes easy to understand. You can present the right information in the right format for what users need. You have robust experience of writing, editing and publishing digital content with experience of using content management systems and content production processes to publish content. You write in plain language in a way that users understand, making information accessible to all. You understand government accessibility requirements and can design content that works with common assistive technologies. You use data, research and evidence to review and evaluate content to make improvements. You consistently and effectively apply content standards and style guidelines to your work. You work to continuously improve content and understand why content lifecycle management is important. You can work autonomously.