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Content Designer

Job Description

We're hiring a Content Designer to be part of a multidisciplinary knowledge management team. The project team will plan and define the scope of the work with priority on topics that are most used, or those that align with higher incident generating services within the department.

Further activity will be driven to improve end user self service including removing unnecessary contact, increasing adoption of chatbot and knowledge within the digital platform.
Your role: 
  • You will be responsible for creating, updating and reviewing content for end-to-end user journeys, making sure the most appropriate content is shown to users in the right place and time.
  • You will make sure users' goals are met and that a service or other product meets policy intent.
  • Contribute to and use style guides and design patterns to produce consistent content
  • Create new content and iteratively improve existing content across digital and non-digital channels to meet user needs and business objectives. 
  • Create clear, joined-up user journeys.
  • Evaluate current content strategies based on the results of user research and data. 
  • Help to set and implement style and other standards to create high-quality content.
  • Take part in user research and work effectively with multidisciplinary teams including interaction designers and developers to create clear and relevant content.
  • Build relationships and work closely with policy, legal and other expert colleagues to make sure content is accurate and consistent.
  • Promote user-centred content design within the department and beyond.
  • Able to use quantitative and qualitative data about users to turn user focus into outcomes.
  • Delivers analysis and information that addresses stakeholder needs and provides recommendations.
  • Identifies and engages with users / stakeholders to collate user needs evidence, and understands and defines research which fits user needs.
  • Understands the variety and complexity of users’ digital needs and how the product will meet those needs.
  • Understands the importance of assisted digital. Able to design services and make decisions to meet user’s needs.

Skills and experience: 
  • Communicate in a straightforward, honest and engaging manner, choosing appropriate styles to maximise understanding and impact.
  • Encourage the use of different communication methods, including digital resources, and highlight the benefits, including ensuring cost effectiveness.
  • Ensure communication has a clear purpose and takes into account people’s individual needs
  • Ensure that important messages are communicated with colleagues and stakeholders respectfully, taking into consideration the diversity of interests.
  • Understand the strategic drivers for your area of work. Align activities to contribute to wider organisational priorities.
  • Remain alert to emerging issues and trends which might impact your work area.
  • Seek out and share experiences to develop knowledge of the team’s business area