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Lead Performance Test Engineer

Job Description

As the Lead Performance Test Engineer you will be responsible for initiating and ensuring the technical and delivery-facing leadership for all aspects of load and performance testing at portfolio level. Initiating and influencing best practice and standards. 

You will be building capabilities to effectively deliver performance testing including within complex technical landscapes, promoting the reuse of toolsets and frameworks across the organisation. Ensuring the delivery of performance testing including influencing how the team develop user stories and acceptance criteria related to the overall QA approach, typically using agile and CI/CD methods. 

You'll be building QAT service capability and initiating performance testing practices to support the digital service standard, often working as part of a multi-disciplinary team focused on user needs.

The testing services required shall include test assurance and test analysis, design, and execution across all phases of the test lifecycle:

  • Quality & Test Assurance: to assure the approach and adherence to non-functional test requirements (primarily relating to Load and Performance Testing), standards, products and test execution that are managed and executed by supplier/third party test teams.

  • Load & Performance Test Consultancy: to support the definition and implementation of programme or project level test strategies / approaches / assessments, including processes, organisation, governance, funding, people, and tools, primarily relating to Load and Performance Testing. This can also include (but not limited to) other types of work such as assisting in Root Cause Analysis and remediation activities. This could also involve the coding of innovative QA solutions / approaches i.e., Test harness or stub to load or monitor systems.

  • Load & Performance Test Delivery: to plan, design, execute and manage the delivery of L&P testing. This needs to include experience of open-source tools for testing, analysis and reporting and result visualisation, the development of test frameworks and any integration with existing test or CI frameworks, and experience of tools currently in use across the estate including jMeter, Locust, Neoload and Gatling.