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Product Development Expert

Job Description

Product Development Expert required for an exciting project within a large Central Government department.

Your skills:

  • Experience carrying out similar reviews in other financial institutions in the past three years.

  • Have undertaken reviews of New Product Development and / or the amendment of existing products in at least three financial institutions 

  • Be sufficiently experienced in the product development lifecycle to confidently identify the main pitfalls and describe what constitutes best practice.

  • Have sufficient knowledge of the financial products on the market and the issues that may arise in the public domain.

  • Confident in ability to assess the current skillsets of those working within the new product / amendment to existing product area and if necessary, report on this aspect separately.

  • Able to assess the appropriateness and suitability of the new products / amendments to existing products over the past two years.

  • Possess sufficient knowledge and experience to be able to consider the scalability of the new products or determine whether the products developed were of a bespoke nature applicable to specific exporters / Groups.