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Senior Digital Communication and Engagement Manager

Job Description

This role will be responsible for developing and executing communications goals, strategies and campaigns that align with our business goals. You will work directly with our Business Management team, our Portfolio team, and our Senior Leaders. All will support you with the drive to achieve results for our business area. You will be part of a team who are ambassadors for our customers and mission.

Your role: 

  • take complex language and diagrams and make them simple to understand using a range of channels and techniques

  • engage Digital Group colleagues on our vision and priorities, help manage complex change, and involving colleagues in shaping our organisation.

  • create infographics/visuals to help tell our D&A of what we are delivering and working towards

  • break down complex diagrams, information, language to create products that fit multiple communication channels across the business – focusing on our D&A story in a clear, concise way, that is easy for everyone to understand.

  • create a clear roadmap for all our stakeholders to show the journey of a piece of data throughout our D&A teams and processes.

  • take a complex topic and communicate it simply and clearly, adapting for different audiences where needed.

  • develop and manage relationships with project stakeholders

  • develop and apply content and format strategies

  • scoping, commissioning, writing, editing, and publishing digital content across all channels (web, mobile, social media)

  • accountable for delivering content assets that are accurate, timely, high-quality (based on insight and outputs of user testing, relevant to audience, easily understood, SEO optimised) and to the department’s style

  • making sure appropriate policy and legal checking within other parts of the customer organisation happens, content is published quickly and efficiently

  • monitoring the performance of content and tools and work with the Product Manager and a multi-disciplinary project team to understand user behaviours and feedback

  • identifying ways to improve the content and to iteratively improve the product

Skills required:

  • extensive experience of writing for the web, internal newsletters, external presentations, and articles, with proven ability of creating content that is accessible and usable

  • exceptional skills in convincing people that user needs, and a usable approach is the only way to present information

  • proven experience in using metrics and user feedback to define/refine content

  • proven experience of working within a web application development environment, proficient in writing, picture sourcing and editing

  • experience in choosing the best format for displaying information to the user

  • experience in working with content publishing systems