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Service Designer

Job Description

Create digital services that will be used by millions of users across the UK.  If you are a systems thinker with a background in interaction design then this is the contract for you!

As a Senior Service Designer, you candidate will be part of a multi-disciplinary team and work alongside other Designers, Front End Developers, Researchers and Software Engineers. You'll be expected to deliver world class services designed for the people who use them, in line with the governments Digital Service Standard.

You will engage with policy experts, product owners and product team to design the end-to-end journey which may involve the creation of, or change to, transactions, products and content across both digital and offline channels provided by different parts of government.

You can:

  • Specialise in designing interactions and interfaces for digital services

  • Work on all levels of the service, from high-level flows and journeys to the fine detail of individual parts

  • Work with different types of content and user-led interactions, across digital and non-digital channels

  • Focus on making working software rather than creating artefacts to describe software

  • Understand the technical side of design


  • Understand user needs and design services that meet them

  • Support discussions at a senior departmental level

  • Design user-centred solutions and transaction flows

  • Support in an Interaction Design capacity when needed

  • Create and rapidly iterate prototypes to help the wider team learn about user needs for different scenarios or tasks

  • Work with product owners, other designers, user researchers, business analysts and front-end developers to turn concepts into user-centred services

  • Make sure the design of services is consistent internally and with the rest of GOV.UK

  • Share specialist knowledge and promote best practice

  • Contribute to building a digital culture in the Department

  • Play an active part in the department’s Product Design community

Essential Skills:

  • Have a design-related degree or experience on a product, interaction or UX design role.

  • At least 2 to 3 years experience as a Service Designer or Systems Thinker.

  • Experience solving design and research challenges through collaboration and user participation.

  • Define elements – layout, design patterns, controls and actions

  • The ability to translate research insight into opportunities and solutions for service users via the application of design research methods e.g. user journeys, services mapping, prototyping etc.

  • Ability to develop hands on interaction design solutions for the products that enable the service

  • A diverse set of methods & tools that allow them to illustrate the opportunities to improve specific service components and touch-points.

  • Appreciation for and demonstrated ability to connect design solutions to pragmatic implementation

  • A belief that a focus on people is fundamental in creating inclusive policies, products and services for social impact.