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Structured Data Configuration Specialist

Job Description

This Private Sector global company is looking for a Structured Data Configuration Specialist to support research initiatives aimed at defining metadata and to identify and structure extensive inventory.

You will design and implement a comprehensive and intuitive navigation structure to optimise searching and browsing for products, analyse market trends, contribute to improving user experience, and receive, prioritise, and implement change requests.

Your role:

  • Analysing site metrics and user behaviour data to inform design decisions.

  • Researching specific products and market trends to identify standard and non-standard ways of defining products.

  • Defining and documenting global metadata standards.

  • Maintain the category change roadmap.

  • Understanding selling flows and how data collected there translates to front-end user experiences.

  • Contributing to process optimisation.

  • Identifying, developing, and implementing routines for ongoing data quality assurance.

  • Localising metadata for various markets, depending on language expertise

Your skills and experience: 

  • Bachelor’s degree from a University or equivalent experience. Open to all degree backgrounds, but strong qualitative and quantitative analysis skills necessary.

  • 2-3 years’ business experience

  • Analytical, organised and highly detail orientated.

  • Efficient, data-based decision-making ability.

  • Proficiency in MS Office suite, specifically Excel.

  • Knowledge of bug-tracking system JIRA and/or agile framework is a plus.

  • Strong customer focus.