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User Researcher

Job Description

A remote User Researcher is needed to plan, design and carry out research activities with users that help teams get a deep understanding of the people that use government services.  

Skills needed:   

Analysis and synthesis. You understand how to apply basic techniques for the analysis of research data and synthesis of findings. You know how to involve your team in analysis and synthesis. You can present clear findings that colleagues can understand and use.  

Inclusive research. You understand the diversity of users of government services and the need to make services usable and accessible for everyone. You can work with colleagues to include many kinds of users in appropriate research activities.   

Research skills. You understand and have experience of basic user research methods. You know when to use those methods and how to apply them correctly. You know how to involve your team in research activities.   

Society and technology. You understand the social and technological context for government services. You can align user research activities to help your team understand changing user behaviour.   

Technical understanding. You have some knowledge of the technologies used to build and operate digital services. You understand the different technical roles in a digital team.   

User-centred and agile practices. You understand and have experience of a range of user-centred practices. You know how to work with colleagues to plan and do continuous user research in a multidisciplinary team.