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Lead Content Designer

Job Description

Lead Content Designer required for a hybrid role with an exciting Central Government department. 

Your role:

  • Work on a single piece of content or on the end-to-end journey of a service to help users complete their goal. 

  • May involve the creation of, or change to, a transaction, product or single piece of content that stretches across digital and offline channels. 

  • An expectation that appropriate content is shown to a user in the right place and in the best format; start from discovery and working closely with user researchers, service designers and interaction designers. 

  • Develop content strategy and solutions for large-scale problems and high-profile events. 

  • Take responsibility for content quality; write and map user stories; review the work of others to assure quality.

Typical Skills: 

  • Understand the role of content in multidisciplinary teams and be able to articulate this and advocate for it. Build and create a variety of different prototypes, from paper sketches to coded prototypes, choosing the most appropriate option to visualise content in context for different audiences.

  • Negotiate with and influence stakeholders and manage relationships effectively.

  • Help lead the design and implementation of strategies, evaluating their impact and progress to make sure business objectives and the needs of users are being met.

  • Collaborate with user researchers and performance analysts to advocate effectively for users, understanding the different types of user research, evidence and data and how they’re used at different stages of a product development.

  • Deep understanding of end-to-end journeys and how content is affected within this journey, being able to identify where journey fixes or content improvements need to be made.

  • Principle Point of Contact for Delivery Agencies to access and engage with the TEL facility iot to optimise their use of trg product of content.

  • Project manage development of new training content or material in response to trg demand.

  • Perform Learning Analytics (LA) on current and future capability data to identify trends in learning behaviours of staff and students.

  • Lead on the development of novel capabilities and courseware through pilots and proof of concepts investigating technical and learning suitability for students and staff.

  • Generate Business Cases and Statement of Requirements 


  • Experience in generating online learning content and/or managing the creation of online learning content.

  • Experience in publishing content via a Learning Management System


  • Experience with Moodle

  • Experience with Learning Interoperability Technologies including LTI/AICC/SCORM